Home Safety Checklist

Sometimes the familiar home we love becomes an unfriendly place. Access Outreach aims to help address safety problems that may be present or are potentially hazardous. Itís important to identify and prioritize areas that need immediate attention. For example, stairs may become barriers and bathrooms may no longer be safe.

Through our assessment process, our team of experts will help identify potential problem areas with you. Below is a list to help you begin thinking about areas that need improvement for better access and safety.


Exterior Entrances and Exits
    • Repairs, Accessibility Ramps, Custom Handrails, Door Handles, Locks, Peepholes

Interior Doors, Stairs, and Hallways
    • Widening of Doorways for Appropriate Width, Door Handles, Levers, Hinges, Thresholds, Clear Pathways, and Custom Handrails

    • Bathroom Access Devices, Grab bars, Elevated Toilet Seat, Bench, Barrier-Free Shower, Adjustable Shower Head, and Adjusted Counters, Mirrors and Shelves

    • Customized Sink and Counter Heights, Cabinets, Drawers, Doors and Handles, Adjustable Shelving, Sitting Knee Clearance, and Rounded Counter Tops

Living, Dining, Bedroom
    • Widen or Clear Pathways, Access to and from Chairs and Beds, Bed Rails, Raise Furniture To Appropriate Height

Laundry Room
    • Customized Counter Tops, Relocate Appliances

    • Adjustable Closet Rods and Shelves

    • Easily Accessible Handles and Locks Placed at Appropriate Heights

Outlets and Controls
    • Installation or Adjusting of Light fixtures, Electrical Outlets, Switches, and Controls

Note: Appropriate floor surface and adequate lighting is required for all above areas.